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Wheel-Rail Relationship Test

The senior and professional team of The Certification department of Rail transit in China test can provide you with wheel/rail relationship test to ensure that the test indicators meet the standard requirements.

Wheel-Rail Relationship Test

◉    Service Background

  1. On January 29, 2019, the Ministry of Transport issued the Interim Safety Assessment Measures for The Management of Safety Assessment before The Initial Operation of Urban Rail Transit (TRANSPORTATION Regulation [2019] No. 1) (hereinafter referred to as the Safety Assessment Measures). The Safety Assessment Measures specify in detail the relevant contents of the management and implementation of safety assessment before the initial operation. After that, the general office of the Ministry of Transport issued on February 1, 2019 by the urban rail traffic safety assessment before initial operation specification, part 1: the subway and light rail "(assigned by luck [2019] no. 17) (hereinafter referred to as" technical specifications "), before initial operation in umt safety evaluation work of technical content. Both the Safety Assessment Measures and the Technical Specifications will be implemented from July 1, 2019. In the Technical Specification, it is explicitly required that before the initial operation of urban rail transit project, systematic linkage test of wheel-rail relationship and bow-network relationship should be conducted to test and evaluate whether the test indicators meet the standard requirements.
  2. Electrified rail transit locomotives realize the guidance and support of the train through the wheel-rail relationship, and get traction through the wheel-rail adhesion under the drive of the motor, and overcome the aerodynamic resistance and mechanical friction resistance to achieve space movement. Wheel-rail relationship is one of the three key factors in the research and design of urban rail vehicle dynamic performance, and it is also the main factor affecting the service performance in the whole vehicle engineering application process.
  3. Wheel-rail relationship test includes: track dynamic geometric state test, vehicle dynamic response-stability test, vehicle dynamic response-stability test.

◉    Service Content

Service Items

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Applicable Products 

Application standard

Wheel-rail relationship test

Orbital dynamic geometry

Vehicle dynamics response - Operational stability

Vehicle dynamics response - Running stability test

Safety assessment before the initial operation of urban rail transit

Transportation Regulation [2019] No. 1;

No.17 [2019];

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1、Our product line has a team of professional test technicians with rich experience in the industry, and we cooperate with well-known universities in the industry to provide customers with industry-university-research-test integrated services.

2、The product line of CTI has a sound project management process, quality management procedures, test results and reports with high credibility.

3、Customer-centric, customer-oriented, to deliver security and trust for the purpose, to cost-effective, efficient services to serve customer needs.


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