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Pantograph Catenary Relationship Test

The senior and professional team of CTI Rail Certification Department can provide pantograph catenary relationship test for you to ensure the test indexes meet the standard requirements.

Pantograph Catenary Relationship Test

◉    Service Background

On January 29, 2019, the Ministry of transport issued the interim safety assessment measures for pre-operation safety assessment management of urban rail transit (JYG [2019] No. 1) (hereinafter referred to as "safety assessment measures"), which specifies the relevant contents of safety assessment management and implementation before initial operation in detail. Subsequently, on February 1, 2019, the general office of the Ministry of transport issued the technical specification for pre operational safety assessment of urban rail transit Part 1: Metro and light rail (Jiao ban Yun [2019] No. 17) (hereinafter referred to as "technical specification"), which specifies the technical content of pre operation safety assessment of urban rail transit. The safety assessment method and technical specification will be formally implemented from July 1, 2019. In the technical specification, it is clearly required that the system linkage test of wheel rail relationship and pantograph catenary relationship should be conducted before the initial operation of urban rail transit project, and whether the test indexes meet the standard requirements shall be tested and evaluated.

Article 8.1.11 of technical specification for urban rail transit (GB 50490) clearly stipulates that "the catenary shall be able to supply power to the train reliably and meet the requirements of the maximum running speed of the train". Therefore, the pantograph catenary relationship test is required to verify whether the relationship meet the requirement requested..

The basic and core function of catenary is to ensure safe and reliable power supply to the train, and it shall have good pantograph catenary relationship under the maximum running speed of the train. Through the pantograph catenary dynamic contact force index and pantograph catenary arcing index, the requirements of continuous, stable and reliable power supply for train operation are met; the smoothness of contact wire is evaluated by pantograph vertical acceleration index to verify whether it meets the requirements of continuous, stable and reliable power supply for train operation. Ensure the good interaction between pantograph and catenary, ensure the system has good current collection performance and smoothness, and ensure the reliability and operation quality of current collection system.

◉    Service Content

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Pantograph catenary relationship test

dynamic geometric parameters of catenary

Arcing index of pantograph catenary

Dynamic contact force between pantograph and catenary

Pantograph vertical acceleration (hard point) test

safety assessment before the initial operation of urban rail transit, JYG [2019] No. 1;

Jiao ban Yun [2019] No. 17;


JYG [2019] No. 1;

Jiao ban Yun [2019] No. 17;


◉    Our strengths

1、CTI Rail Transit has experienced professional testing and technical personnel team, and cooperates with well-known universities in the industry to provide customers with integrated services of production, teaching, research and testing.

2、CTI rail transit product line has perfect project management process, quality management procedure, test results and reports, which have high credibility.

3、Taking customers as the center, serving customers as the purpose, delivering security and trust as the purpose, serving customers' needs with high cost performance and high efficiency.


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