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Weather Resistance Test

As a part of reliability testing, weatherability test of materials is a process to simulate various adverse factors involved in the actual use conditions of products to carry out the corresponding condition enhancement experiment. As a listed testing institution, CTI can use a series of advanced equipment tests to complete weatherability testing of materials in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB and other standards, and issue authoritative third-party certification reports

Weather Resistance Test

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1.General test items

Test categories

Test project

Weather resistance

Weather can simulate the xenon lamp aging: the damage from sunshine, rain and dew, using xenon lamp simulate the effect of sunlight, rain and dew of condensed moisture simulation, the tested material placed under a certain temperature of light and moisture alternate cycle program to strengthen test, test data can help to choose new material and improve the existing materials, as well as the evaluation formula of how changes affect the durability of the product.

Ultraviolet aging: mainly simulates the degradation effect of ultraviolet light in sunlight on products.It also recreates the damage caused by rain and dew

Ozone resistance: ozone aging is to expose the sample to the airtight without light containing constant ozone concentration and constant temperature of the test chamber, according to the predetermined time to test the sample, from the sample surface cracking or other performance changes, in order to evaluate the ozone resistance of the sample aging performance.Ozone aging is divided into static tensile test and dynamic tensile test

High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, temperature and humidity resistance cycle: The performance changes of materials under the corresponding ambient temperature and/or relative humidity (simulated conditions of high temperature and high cold areas) are mainly investigated.

Salt spray test: Salt spray test is an environmental test which mainly uses the artificial simulated environment conditions created by the salt spray test equipment to evaluate the corrosion resistance of products or metal materials

2. Scope of applicable products

Plastic particles, plastic products, rubber products, fire retardant coating, anticorrosive

coating, heat insulation coating, insulation coating, coating

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