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《Worldwide Certification News 2021-06》

2021-06-02 174

Certification Updates Reminders

Previously mentioned new Brazil and Malaysia regulations are implemented in June:

1. On June 1st, 2021, Brazil's ANATEL began to implement new Act 7280, which covers requirement on certification documents and certificate validity period.

2. In order to maintain the validity of interim approval for 4G devices with Voice over LTE(VoLTE), Malaysia MCMC requires VoLTE report before June 30th, 2021; After June 30th, VoLTE reports are required for all new applications (declaration letter is not acceptable anymore).

New Certification Updates for June

1. CONGO ARPTC now requires the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value to be provided when applying for type approvals.

2. There is a new labelling requirement adopted by SIERRA LEONE Authority (NATCOM). An electronic communications equipment that complies with the required technical conditions shall be affixed with a type approval label bought from the authority.

3. Argentina ENACOM released a new Low Power Devices technical standard. There is a grace period until July 27th, 2021.

4. Zambia Authority (ZICTA) now allows for Approval of Similarity. Even products with different names or brand can be on the same certificate as long as they are technically equivalent (same circuit diagram and electrical performance).

5. Starting January 1st, 2022, non-radio products will no longer require Serbia EMC & LVD Certificates of Conformity (CoCs), but the conformity mark still needs to be applied.

6. The Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority updated the Type Approval regulation and added wireless equipment into mandatory product scope.

7. Morocco ANRT issued a new Decision for Short Range Device (SRD), and the main changes include the introduction of Wi-Fi 6E (5925-6425MHz), and the extension of band 24-24.25GHz to omnidirectional obstacle detection radars and motion detection radars.

8. Peru MTC has updated the Plan Nacional de Atribución de Frecuencias (PNAF) in Resolution No. 373-2021-MTC/01. The main change was the opening of the 5925-7125MHz band.

9. Costa Rica SUTEL made modifications to the allocation of unlicensed bands, which is already effective.

10. Indonesia SDPPI has issued Regulation regarding Technical Requirement for 5G NR Base Stations and Subscriber Stations which is already effective.

11. Korea KATS proposed draft standard KC 62368-1 for audio/video and information equipment. The public consultation is open until June 18th, 2021. This official standard is expected to be published in July 2021.

12. Originally only Brazil ANATEL certificates of products with no modifications that expired between March 6th, 2020 and June 30th, 2021, could apply for renewal without retesting and providing internal/external photos. Now, the coverage has been extended to certificates expiring before December 31st, 2021.


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