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Centre Testing International Co., Ltd. (CTI) is the pioneer and leader in the TIC Industry which provides one-stop solutions on testing, inspection, certification, calibration, audit, training & technical services.


By Industry

Our service capabilties cover the upstream and downstream of the supply chain including textile and apparel,toys,electronic appliances,medical health,food...andother industries.


Comprehensively guarantee quality and safety, promote compliance and innovation, demonstrate brand competitiveness, and achieve higher quality, healthier, safer, and greener sustainable development.


Talent Team Building

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Support international development strategies

CTI employs consistent talent development strategies and policies across overseas regions. For the better integration of overseas companies established via M&A with the Group, we encourage the excellent backbones in the original companies before M&A to serve core management and technical positions at CTI, and meanwhile appoint our management personnel to help stabilize the team after M&A. Employees overseas are equally eligible to join in our leadership development programs, high-potential talent training plans, succession plans and other talent development programs. Covering overseas regions, our E-learning platform provides all staff with a convenient and efficient online learning experience.


Satisfy the needs of business development

The HR Department of the Group has designed a role named HRBP, in order to get closer to corporate operations, be agile to development needs, and provide targeted and effective HR services and support for all departments. Now our 10 business groups, together with functions, are equipped with HRBPs, who serve as a bridge between the HR Department and the business departments. While promoting organizational culture, communicating corporate regulations, and rolling out HR projects, they are also engaged in the meetings and operations of business departments. During the process, they explore the business departments’ demands on HR, and provide solutions, in the hope of better fulfilling CTI’s strategic goals.


Clear and Diverse Promotion Paths

We have set up clear and diversified promotion paths, which are divided into two categories – management and professional. And professional paths are further divided into technical, technical support, customer services, sales, key accounts, and functions. All positions are classified into 6 classes and 25 levels, which correspond to the management path and professional paths, respectively.

In 2020, a total of 3,766 employees were promoted, delivering a promotion rate of 41.36% (based on the total number of employees of 9,106, counted as of February 2020). We value the role of female senior managers in CTI’s business development. Among the 57 senior managers at the level of director and above worldwide (55 in Mainland China and 2 overseas), 15 were female, accounting for 26.32%.


Training for Competence Improvement

CTI has a training management system that covers all ranks and job positions with varied requirements for learning and development. The system includes a CTI Learning Development Building, a training organization structure, and an array of training management regulations such as the CTI Group Training Management Manual, the Group Certified Lecturer Management Regulations, the Group Expatriate Training Management Regulations, and the E-learning Platform Management Regulations. In this way, we pursue the sustainability of internal talent in a more systematic manner.