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Vehicle Chassis Test

This test can provide you with a variety of professional testing services such as structural stiffness, strength, fatigue, road simulation of automobile chassis structural parts.

Vehicle Chassis Test

◉   Service background

With the occurrence of various safety accidents, more and more attention has been paid to the structural strength & stiffness of chassis. The purpose of the project is to test the accuracy of structural strength,stiffness and fatigue life prediction, ensure that the product has the required working life and reliability, provide data for structural analysis, life prediction modification and design improvement of the product.

◉   Service Content 

Shock absorber performance test, Elastomer/bushing performance Test, Road simulation test, Spring performance Test, Steering knuckle stiffness strength, Control arm strength, Bridge/subframe path spectrum, Stabilizer bar fatigue test, Exhaust pipe thermal fatigue endurance test, Half shaft stiffness test, Drive shaft failure test, Impact beam pressure variation test, Suspension stiffness test

◉   Service object

OEMs and component suppliers

◉   Our advantage 

MTS16 channel component test workstation

Experienced team of engineers deep-rooted chassis testing field for many years

Years of laboratory testing experience and big data accumulation

◉   Service purposes 

Provide data link for component test, which can be analyzed, and Provide basis for subsequent material improvement

Provides the basis for the design and development of OEMs

Reassurance of consumer