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CTI and Food Forensics lauched the cooperation of food authenticity testing

2014-08-11 225

Global food adulterations were exposed constantly these days.In fact,for the pursuit of profit,disguising origin and adulterating is not unusual in food chain.CTI and Food Forensics lauched the cooperation of tesing in food and beverage,using the stable isotope analyzing results to identify the food origin and adulterations.Both sides will establish and share the food isotope mapping database to provide the most reliable and convenient authenticity and adulteration identification services globally.


Isotope refers to the atomic with same numbers of protons and different numbers of neutrons.Stable isotope refers to the same element isotope atomic without radioactive effects.Each compound's stable isotope ratio is related to the genetic and physiological characteristics,growth environment and deriving nutrients.Substances of different types,places and growth environments have their own isotope ratios,known as isotope signal or fingerprint of nature.In the testing of stable isotope,comparing the testing sample to the approved standard sample's stable isotope ratio,we can detect the authenticity.Thus,how to build and apply the standard samples'big database is the key problem of supplying stable isotope testing services.And that's why CTI focuses on establishing global cooperation alliance.


CTI is listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange.As the forerunner of Chinese testing and verification agencies,CTI provides one-stop services,issuing passports for products to global markets.


Food Forensics is a professional isotope laboratory in Britain,providing food authenticity solutions for food and beverage.As the unique isotope lab tailored to food characteristics,Food Forensics masters mature solutions and techniques.It has established authenticity referred database of varied food in Europe.Its broad customers cover retailers,food processing enterprises,food service industry and government agencies.


According to the agreement,Food Forensics will help CTI set up food isotope testing lab.Both sides will use the same testing method,standard and equipment to ensure the consistency of analysis results.The sharing of method and database could help food in Europe and Asia receive the precise testing,and promote the development of China's standards.


CTI is the leading third-party food testing agency,our service cover the main cities of China,said Sangem Hsu,president of CTI.He pointed,apart from food safety,customers was more concerned about the authenticity and adulteration in food chain.The partnership between CTI and Food Forensics means two agencies could use the same procedure and quality control method to collect food samples from main suppliers and build a high-quality fingerprint database.Both sides are focusing on protecting customers' rights and interests.


The cooperation between Food Forensics and CTI indicated the breakthrough of food testing,adulteration combating and customers trust winning,said Managing Director of Food Forensics.


Under the background of global economic integration,food safety has become a worldwide challenge,said CTI Food Department General Manager Evan Li.Food faking,adultering happened frequently in recent years.Food authenticity testing techniques become the key research in domestic and foreign countries.The cooperation could promote the develoment of food authenticity testing technique and help customers purchase the high-quality products.


CTI food isotope lab is expected to set up in October this year,open for business in the end of December.We will offer the following testing services in the early stage.



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Pork, ham, gammon bacon