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CTI was approved by Audi China as its first subcontracted Chinese fatigue strength laboratory

2015-03-13 84

The Vehicle Component Laboratory of Centre Testing International Corporation has been approved by Audi China as its first subcontracted Chinese fatigue strength laboratory.

The pilot project on vehicle component tests between Audi and CTI has begun.

Audi, a world renowned producer of automobiles and distinguished by its technical innovation, uncompromised quality and management, has long been one of the world’s most successful and recognizable brands in the premium automobile industry.

With increased sales and recognition in the Chinese market, greater emphasis has been placed into localizing the design and manufacturing of its domestically marketed products.  Components produced in China are being prioritized to be tested locally, rather than in Germany.

As China’s first and only public 3rd party testing organization, Centre Testing International Corporation (CTI in brief hereafter) has grown annually since its incarnation and currently stands as the largest domestic testing company in the country. Due to its rapid growth, its vehicle testing laboratory has been recognized by most auto makers (domestic and abroad) with manufacturing facilities in China. CTI in turn is viewed as the industry leader for vehicle testing among Chinese laboratories. CTI values the continual development of its testing capabilities, scientific and systematic management, and technical-based marketing.

Based on Audi’s professional demands covering the areas of technical ability, laboratory management processes and procurement management, CTI proved its competence, and invested heavily in technical research and development of new projects under Audi’s support. The vehicle laboratory’s overall strength also took a big leap forward, characterized by more structured laboratory and system management. After a thorough process, CTI passed the audit mandated by AUDI AG Germany and Audi China to become their first qualified Chinese subcontracted fatigue strength laboratory.

The cooperation between Audi China and CTI symbolizes a successful partnership between a top global brand and Chinese brand; it also embodies a key milestone in the continual development of CTI’s vehicle laboratory.