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CTI Becomes the Asbestos Inspection Body Recognised by AMSA

2014-07-04 94

As the forerunner in testing and verification services for Chinese companies,Center Testing International (CTI) has officially received the accreditation for asbestos inspection body from Australian Maritime Safety Authority(AMSA) on July.2,2014. Thus,CTI becomes the first accredited agency outside Australia.

Asbestos is the natural fibrous silicate minerals which was widely used in the global shipping industry due to its properties of good insulation,wear-resistance,fireproofing and thermal insulation.However,the tiny asbestos fiber is very harmful to human body.If inhaled by people,it could cause lung disease like asbestos lung,mesothelioma and even lung cancer.Considering the harm to human body and environment,since January.1,2011,any installation of materials that contain asbestos has,under SOLAS regulation II-1/3-5,been prohibited,for all ships.

The Australian Government attaches great importance to asbestos and actively promote Australian flagged vessels asbestos free.The government also accepts accredited agencies outside Australia to conduct ship asbestos tests.CTI has received the accreditation certificate for inspection body according to standard ISO 17020 from United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).Our abilities and facilities are also accredited by AMSA.Since July.2,2014,CTI is qualified to provide asbestos inspection,testing and reports for Australian flagged vessels.

CTI is a world leading company providing Life-cycle Hazardous Materials Management on board ships. We provide accredited services world wide, and our services include onboard inspection of hazardous materials and asbestos, management consultation on asbestos management, compilation of Inventory of Hazardous Materials, supply-chain risk management, HSE training, asbestos abatement plan consultation and on site inspection, asbestos removal practice training and laboratory analysis.