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The 15th edition of the SS-00259 PUBLISHED

2017-03-03 218

The fifteenth edition of the SS-00259 for general use was released on March 1, 2017. The new edition will be enforced on April 1, 2017. All the parts, materials, and other articles that are procured by the Sony group, or by third parties need to satisfy the criteria specified in this standard.


Main Changes of the New Standard

Compared with 14th edition, the main changes are as follows:

1. Two categories new substances have been added to the list of “Environment-related Substances to be Controlled”,  including:

Substance name


Management levels



threshold levels




Parts and materials for mobile phone, where prolonged skin contact is expected

0.28 μg/cm2/week (release



All, where prolonged skin contact is expected

Intentionally added

Substances in candidate list for authorization of EU REACH regulation ((37substances




0.1 wt% (1000 ppm) of article


2. The level of some hazardous substances has been revised, such as:

Regarding phthalates regulated applications classified into manage levels 3 was changed to level 1.

Cobalt dichloride newly added level 3 requirement. of all application other than Moisture indicator used for a desiccant agent & Humidity indicator card which is impregnated with cobalt dichloride, the threshold level is 0.1 wt% (1000 ppm) of article.

Formaldehyde newly added level 3 requirement. of Textiles, the threshold level is  0.0075 wt% (75 ppm) of textile material.

3. The definition of some terms is increased, such as:

Material: means substance or mixture within a product or product part.

Part: means an article to be manufactured until it turns into an end product (the final article which is the outcome of assembling, processing or manufacturing chemical products and/or parts).

Article: means an item of specific shape, appearance or design created during manufacture which substantially determines functions in final use rather than functions provided by its chemical composition.

Product: means a part or an end product which is delivered to a customer as the outcome of business activities of the organization.