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Centre Testing International Co., Ltd. (CTI) is the pioneer and leader in the TIC Industry which provides one-stop solutions on testing, inspection, certification, calibration, audit, training & technical services.


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Our service capabilties cover the upstream and downstream of the supply chain including textile and apparel,toys,electronic appliances,medical health,food...andother industries.


Comprehensively guarantee quality and safety, promote compliance and innovation, demonstrate brand competitiveness, and achieve higher quality, healthier, safer, and greener sustainable development.

Films and Sheets

Comprehensive coverage of plastic films, packaging bags, woven bags and other plastic products, around nearly a hundred subdivision testing items, according to domestic and foreign testing standards, provide authoritative testing reports.

Films and Sheets

◉    Business challenges

  1. Want to test the performance of plastic film sheets, but I don't know which test items to test?
  2. Want to develop new products, but lack of laboratory equipment capabilities?
  3. Failure analysis of thin film, such as yellowing and cracking?

◉    The service content

一、Routine test items


test item

Size, quality measurement

Thickness, length, width, weight per unit area, apparent density, heating size change, shrinkage rate

Mechanical behavior

ensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, dart impact strength, heat sealing strength, dynamic friction coefficient, static friction coefficient, peel strength of composite film, puncture strength

Other properties

Water vapor transmission rate, gas transmission rate, embrittlement temperature, mirror gloss, light transmittance, haze


Film: plastic film products for food packaging, disposable packaging plastic film products, polyethylene (PE) film, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film, polystyrene (PS) film, polyester (PET) film, polypropylene (PP) ) Film, nylon (PA) film, etc.

OPP plastic bags, CPP plastic bags, PP plastic bags, PE plastic bags, PVA plastic bags, EVA plastic bags, composite bags, co-extrusion bags, etc.

Sheets made of polypropylene, polycarbonate, polyoxymethylene and other resins

◉    Advantages

1.Focus on your needs and solve your problems purposefully and systematically.

2.In the field of inspection and testing, relying on the sophisticated system equipment and professional technical team, established a sound service system.

3.We have a sound service network, covering important central cities in the country, to provide customers with convenient and effective services.

◉    service process


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