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Mooncake Special Test

In the field of quality control of mooncake industry, Centre Testing International Group (CTI) provides all around of technical services including mooncake finished product testing, stuffing testing, factory audit and so on.

Mooncake Special Test

◉    Business Challenges

As a typical representative of seasonal festival food, mooncake has the characteristics of strong seasonality, many production enterprises, short sales time and scattered retail channels. Therefore, it is different from other ordinary food in the aspects of raw material purchase, production, transportation and sales.

It is critical for a qualified mooncake by the raw material procurement, production environment, quality control in processing procedure, final quality assurance of products as well as storage and transportation conditions. CTI provides mooncake quality control solutions for mooncake production process, and provides one-stop comprehensive technical services for mooncake industry supply chain enterprises.

◉    Service Contents 









1. Raw Material Control

The ingredients of mooncakes include wheat flour, edible oil, granulated sugar, eggs, salted yolks, dried fruit seeds and food stuffing. Specific test items and standards refer to Table 1:



High-risk items

Wheat flour

GB/T 1355-1986

Deoxynivalenol  (DON), Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), Titanium dioxide (TiO2), Talc, Aluminum residue, Dibenzoyl peroxide, KBrO3, sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate

Edible oil

GB 2716-2018

Acid value(KOH),  Peroxide value(POV)Residual solvent, Aflatoxin B1 (AFB1), Benzo[a]pyrene(BaP

Animal oil and fat

GB 10146-2015

Acid value (KOH), Peroxide value (POV)malondialdehyde, Benzo [a] pyrene (BaP

White granulated sugar

GB/T 317-2006

sucrose contentReducing sugar contentColor valueArsenic (As)lead (Pb)Mite


GB 2749-2015

AMOZFlorfenicolEnrofloxacin Ciprofloxacin (CPFX)ChloramphenicolChlortetracyclineOxytetracyclineTetracycline

Salted yolk

GB 2749-2015

Benzoic Acid & BenzoatesSorbic Acid & Sorbates Sudan(-)

Dried fruit seeds

GB 19300-2014

Acid value (KOH)Peroxide value (POV)Sulfur dioxide (SO2)lead (Pb)

Food stuffing

GB/T 21270-2007

Acid value (KOH)Peroxide value (POV)Benzoic Acid & BenzoatesSorbic Acid & SorbatesSaccharin SodiumColony Forming Unit (CFU)Maximum Probable Number (MPN)

2. The Factory Audit

CTI is able to audit the factory environment, equipment and facilities, production process, quality management and personnel health by professional teachers.

3. Finished Product Test

The testing of mooncakes includes physical and chemical indicators, hygiene indicators, testing of food additives and label auditing. For specific test items and implementation standards, please refer to the Table 2:


Table 2

Test Category



Related Items







of Inspection


GB/T 19855-2015

Sensitivity, Lipid, Acid value(KOH), Peroxide value (POV), Food stuffing content, Extractable Metal Content, Microbiology, Label and so on, all items inspection are involved.


GB/T 20977-2007

Sensitivity, Drying loss, Total Carbohydrate, Acid value (KOH), Peroxide value (POV), lead(Pb), Microbiology, Food additive and so on, all items  inspection are involved.

Cake, Bread

GB 7099-2015

Sensitivity, Acid value (KOH), Peroxide value (POV), lead(Pb), Microbiology, Food additive, Label and so on, all items inspection are involved.



High-risk Items



GB/T 19855-2015

Acid value (KOH), peroxide value(POV), Dimethyl Fumarate (DFM), Benzoic Acid & Benzoates, Sorbic Acid & Sorbates, Aluminum residuePropionic acid (C3H6O2), Dehydroacetic Acid, NatamycinProportion of mixed-use of preservatives, Colony Forming Unit (CFU), Maximum Probable Number (MPN), Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Salmonella

Special test packages can be customized according to the requirements. For specific service details, please consult the technical support personnel of the website.


4. Our Technological Advantages:

  • Quality solutions to the mooncake industry quality difficulty, strong practicability.
  • Providing a full range of technical services from raw materials - production - transport - sales.  
  • CTI can improve production management level, ensure the product quality and safety, avoid the quality risk and trading risks.
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