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Specialized Service for Shelf Life of Food

Food, Agricultural and Health Products Division of Centre Testing International Group (CTI) provides comprehensive solutions for scientific determination, verification, extension and improvement of shelf life by using professional means such as accelerated shelf-life testing.

Specialized Service for Shelf Life of Food

◉    Background

After end-products are finished, the internal physical, chemical and biological reactions continue to occur until deterioration occurs. It is no longer suitable for eating, that is, the product shelf life is reached. On the basis of meeting the requirements of laws and regulations, food producers can reduce the time that the new product brings to market and recall losses, avoid trade risks and maintain brand image by accurately judging the shelf life of products.

Shelf life is affected by both internal factors such as formula ingredients, water activity, pH value, oxygen concentration and other factors, as well as external factors such as storage and transportation conditions, packaging materials, forms and many other factors. You can turn to the CTI shelf life project team for professional and reliable customized service.





Accelerated shelf-life testing

CTI shelf life project expert analyzes the product and determines the key factors that may change during the storage process scientifically. A chemical kinetics model built with experience will assist in artificially accelerate food deterioration. CTI can quickly predict the shelf life by regularly monitoring key indicators of specific foods, which saves valuable time for the product to be put on the market.

Brand new products

Updated existing products

Validation of shelf-life testing

To accurately verify the shelf life of listed products and reduce risk in the circulation, the expert of CTI shelf life project focuses on the changes of physical, chemical and microbial characteristics along with the shelf-life testing. All the tests will be conducted under real or quantitative simulation of real temperature, humidity, light and other specific storage environment parameters.

Listed products

Extension of shelf-life testing

Considering the formulation and requirements for extension and improvement of food products, the expert of CTI shelf life project provides service in the aspects like optimization of formulation, producing environment, packaging materials, storage and transportation conditions. We provide a scientific basis for prolonging shelf life and improving product quality.

Unexpected products


1.  Expert team with customized plans

CTI shelf life project experts are proficient in various fields of food industry, especially in R&D. With detailed information on formulation, process and packaging, we can accurately detect key indicators that may lead to quality changes and provide professional plans. We also have special assigned person to follow up the whole project. Regular analysis and data updates required on a scientific basis.

2.  Professional equipment with reliable data

CTI shelf life project is equipped with professional incubators for accelerated shelf-life testing like temperature and humidity stability chambers, humidity test chambers, as well as refrigerated incubators and freezers.

3.  Advanced risk assessment models with quickly predicting of product deterioration

After years of accumulation, the CTI shelf life project team has established an advanced database and risk assessment models for different products, which can predict the shelf life immediately as a reference.

4.  Nationwide laboratories with immediate testing

CTI has more than 20 nationwide specialized FDD laboratories. Shelf life tests can be arranged to the nearest laboratory quickly.

5.  Professional sensory laboratories with accurate sensory quality assurance

CTI also has a professional sensory testing team which can sensitively identify tiny changes during shelf life tests by performing sensory comparison tests between stored and standard products.

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