Food and Drug Division

Food, agricultural products, health food, drug, feed, food packaging and containers, cosmetics and daily chemical products all have direct effects on human health. Consequently, manufacturers and retailers must have strict control over the quality and strive to improve product safety. To ensure the integrity of your products, protect brand equity, and overcome trade barriers, CTI's food and drug division can provide you with comprehensive testing, training, certification, and consulting services.

Since 2005, CTI's Food and Drug Division (FDD) has installed laboratories in Shenzhen, Beijing, Qingdao, Shanghai, Wuhan, Harbin and Xiamen. FDD is responsible for quality assurance of the following products: food, agricultural products, health food, feed, food packaging and containers, veterinary products, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and daily chemical products. Whether providing full nutritional analysis on dietary products, testing for pesticide and/or veterinary drug residues, or offering chemical composition analysis of cosmetics, FDD provides full profiles and analyses on all products in such industries.