Product Certification Centre

Brief introduction of Product Certification Centre: CEM,number of CTI group, is a Notified Body recognized by UKAS and approved by the European Commission, with designated body number of 1942.

The Product Certification Center has many experts from inland or foreign countries who know well about all kinds of directives of European Union, laws and regulations of the countries and coordinative criteria requirements, and they focus on the customers' requirements. Our experts have years of field experience in both domestic and foreign certification activities. The range of the products involve in large complete industrial equipments, pressure facility, rubber and plastic, machinery, engineering machinery, all kinds of machine tools, hoisting and conveying machinery, automobiles-protection equipments, electronic safety components, mechanical safeguarding devices, and various universal machineries, electronic and electric equipments, etc. Provide customers with third-party comprehensive service platform including European laws and regulations services, detection, inspection, authentication, accreditation, training and technology support as well as one-stop service mode.

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