The CTI-Safety Evaluation Technical Service Co., Ltd. (CTI-SET) can provide environmental safety evaluation for substances such as industrial chemicals, pesticides, Pharmaceutical, veterinary drugs, cosmetics, food, and feed additives. Meanwhile, the CTI-SET provides technical support, test consultation, and evaluation services for the formulation of regulatory registration, environmental policies, laws, and standards.

At present, CTI-SET is mainly engaged in three fields of chemical testing: physical chemical properties test, eco toxicological test, and degradation and accumulation test.

Test guidelines mainly referenced:

OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals: Section 1 (physical chemical properties), Section 2 (effects on biotic systems), and Section 3 (degradation and accumulation).

EU Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals C 01 to C 24.

EPA OCSPP: 830 (Product Properties Test Guidelines), 835 (Fate Transport and Transformation Test Guidelines), and 850 (Ecological Effects Test Guidelines).GB/T Series of Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals.

CRC-MEP Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals: Physical-Chemical Properties and Physical Hazards, Effects on Biotic Systems, Degradation and Accumulation.

ICAMA, Guidelines on Environmental Safety Assessment for Chemical Pesticides.