Electrical and Electronic Products

The RHS Division of CTI is specialized in hazardous substances testing like RoHS testing, Phthalate testing, PAHs testing, PFOS & PFOA testing, testing of substances in annex XVII of REACH and etc. We provide one-stop services which are customized to any individual client, like SVHC total solution service, REACH total solution service and etc.We could develop and provide the services of any new substances that would be concerns of our clients with the powerful and solid support of the R&D institute within RHS Division or throughout CTI. The Division is operated and managed on the basis of ISO/IEC 17025 and has been accredited by CNAS.

CTI Electrical and Electronic Department (EED) has Safety laboratory, 10m standard anechoic chamber, 3m standard anechoic chamber, many shielded rooms and LED lighting products laboratory, and can provide energy efficacy, safety, EMC, Optics testing and Certification services to all kinds of electrical and electronic products.