Chemical and Restricted Substance Testing

In CTI, we have regulation experts who closely follow market trends. In 2007, CTI was appointed by the Vehicle Recycling Working Group to be one of the two testing institutions to validate the testing data of Chinese ELV. In 2008, CTI was appointed to be the leader of Chinese Limited Hazardous Substances Testing Instructor working group. Also in 2008, CTI was invited into the Measurement Methods for Air Pollutants in Cabin of Vehicles working group, being the only commercial third party lab in the working group. In 2009, CTI was the only commercial third party lab to be invited to the drafting of the standard GB 24409-2009, which limits harmful substances in automobile coatings.

CTI provides one-stop solution covering testing, verification, consultation and total outsourcing.

Dismantling and ELV Test of Autos

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Test

Restricted Substance Test

Dismantling of vehicle

VOC test of vehicle

ELV test:Pb, Cd, Hg, Cr6+PBB&PBDE

Restricted substance test

VOC test of auto parts

SVHC test and related training and consultation service

Setting up database

VOC test of auto materials

GADSL test

Calculation of recyclability and recoverability

Multiring hydrocarbon, Phthalate, azo and DMF

Compilation of dismantling manual

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