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CTI acquired MGA Nantong Laboratory

2022-05-20 174

On May 13, 2022, Centre Testing International Group Co., Ltd. (CTI) officially acquired and obtained equity delivery of MGA (Nantong) Automotive Safety Testing Services Co., Ltd. (referred to as "MGA Nantong Laboratory"), which was the wholly-owned subsidiary in China of MGA Research Corporation of the United States. So far, MGA Nantong Laboratory has officially become a wholly-owned subsidiary of CTI.


This transaction will improve CTI's experimental capabilities in the field of car seats and passive safety experiments, especially in the fields of dynamic collision, functional durability, multi-axis vibration and other fields to form a necessary supplement to the original experimental capabilities, which marking CTI  has taken an important step in the field of automotive seat testing, and has further improved the level of specialization and differentiation in the field of automotive testing for CTI.



CTI Automotive Division provides quality monitoring for all links in the automotive industry chain from product research and development, manufacturing, procurement and after-sales, and also provides solutions for various known and potential risks in the industry chain. The scope of services covers green environmental protection testing and chemical regulations compliance services, automotive material testing, automotive parts testing, automotive electronic products, intelligent connected vehicles, vehicle inspection, second-party or third-party audits, automotive chemical product testing and other fields. At present, it has set up service outlets in more than 20 cities across China, and established relevant laboratories in all automobile industry clusters area.


Established in 2016, MGA Nantong Laboratory is a third-party laboratory dedicated to helping clients solve technical problems of auto parts, which mainly provides professional testing services such as car seat, interior and exterior trim, airbag, seat belt for manufacturers and auto OEMs. The testing scope includes passenger passive safety, reliability testing, fatigue endurance testing, and environmental simulation testing. At present, the laboratory has passed the American Association For Laboratory Accreditation(A2LA) and China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS) (ISO17025) certification, and has been recognized by the majority of clients in the daily testing process. MGA Nantong Laboratory adheres to the policy of learning and helping each other with clients, and continues to grow with clients.