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“The Methods and Applications of HALT and HASS”

2010-12-15 271

Our company hosts the training seminar, named “The Methods and Applications of HALT and HASS”, with Defense Industry Research Center of Quality and Reliability in December 6, 2010. The Speaker, Dr. Chen Xianzhang,a (system) reliability expert, has deep knowledge in promotion the technology of HALT and HASS. In the United States, few experts in reliability engineering can make product test program personally, but Dr Chan is the one, whonot only presides over more than 50 projects on HALT and HASS in the areas of electronic equipment, electronic components and home appliances products, but also is a distinguished advisor of US-CPSC to check on the consumer products’ reliability, safety and the testing methods which was sold in U.S. Due to his authoritative status inreliabilitytesting, Chen was specially invited as Expert Witnessby the U.S. Federal Court to determine the ownership of product liability in court, and the basis for the trial proceedings.The purpose of this seminar is to tell the principles, roles, implementation methods and precautions of HALT and HASS testing, let the learner grip the technologycontent of them, shorten product development time, reduce unnecessary design revisions, and improve products’ quality and reliability; Analysis the actual case of HALT and HASS, visit laboratory, deepen participators’ technology understanding about HALT and HASS, and improve the practical operation capability.Most people, who attended this seminar, are reliability experts in both industry's leadingcompany and thearea of aerospace, they showed high interest in this new technology, and generally reflected that the technology plays an important role in the period of product development after training, it can substantially shorten the product development time and unnecessary design revision (EDN and ECN). The training was a complete success, received wide acclaim.