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2016-06-24 154

January 21, 2016, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT) officially issued “Management Methods for the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic product” . The new management methods reserve a transitional period and will come into force from July 1, 2016. For the enterprises easy understand and follow the relevant requirement of the “measures” MIIT have issued FAQ of “Management Methods for the restriction of the use of hazardous substances in electrical and electronic product” on  May 16, 2016. “Measures”will come into force soon, related enterprises  need  to ensure that products  produced in and after July 1, 2016 comply with the requirement.


Enterprise to Deal With Practice - First step “Mark”

The "measures" still  use the "two steps to go" work ideas"the first step" require a mark and disclosure of any of the six identified hazardous substances and their locations within the product (According SJ/T11364-2014); “the second step” is  require to restrict the six identified hazardous substances in the  production of  "Compliance Management Catalog“.

If the product does not contain any hazardous substances, need mark  Green symbol with "e" in it.

If the product contains certain hazardous substances, need  mark Orange symbol with a number in it, at the same time provide the names and contents of hazardous substances in product instructions.


1. under normal conditions, Marking should be molding, spraying and  printing.on the production;

2. If can not mar on the product for the limit of volume, shape, surface material or function, should mark on product  instructions;

3. “Product  instructions”includepaper  instructionsoptical disk type electronic instruction, packaging;

4. Production “Purchase for product” not need follow  “marking requirement”According to the customer requirement declaration of hazardous substances  information identification carrier can include the company's website(only apply to production “Purchase for product”).

Note, above“contain”mean The content of hazardous substances exceeds the limit  of GB /T 26572.


China RoHS 2.0 Next Step Work Focus

1. “Compliance Management Catalog”(First batch)The list of products estimate to complete in October 2016, Reference Waste of electrical and electronic equipment disposal catalog (2014 Edition);

2. Exemption list of application of hazardous substances in products;

3. “Compliance Management Catalog” applicable product conformity assessment mode.


CTI Suggestion

The "measures" come into force have great influence on related enterprises during production, sale, and import of electrical and electronic products in the People’s Republic of China. Enterprises need to understand and master the technology content of the new management method, carry out supply chain survey. So as to a timely response once the management method come in force.