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2016-02-29 57

AQSIQ issued notice of Directory of national key industrial products quality supervision (2016 ) 》on 14 Feb. 2016. The product classification is divided into three rank, First rank have five categories including consumer goods, building decoration materials, industrial production materials, agricultural production materials and food related products. And the third rank  involves 339 categories products. According to the comprehensive analysis the risk index of manageability, sociality and consumer, the product risk level is divided into Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ. Local government need combine with local reality and reference toDirectory, to establish the quality supervision directory of key industrial products of the region, focus on the key work, improve the work efficiency of product quality supervision.

Directory Detail

The EEE products refer to consumer goods are counted in the following table:



Product examples

Audio and video equipment

Audio systems, portable speaker, receiver, monitor, LCD, projector, DVD dv

Information technology equipment

RMB-Banknote Discriminating Devicedata cable, set-top boxes (wired/wireless), servicer, UPS, Printing devices connected to the computer, handheld electronic information appliance, etc

Household and similar use of electrical appliances

Air-condition,  refrigerator, household , household disinfection cupboard, electric oven, household electric washing machines, electric blanket, electric fan, extractor hood, etc

Digital accessories

Chargers, batteries, lead-acid batteries, nickel chromium, Ni-MH, lithium ion rechargeable batteries, mobile phone headset, etc

Light and lamps and lanterns

General lighting bulbs, Double-Capped Fluorescent Lamps, Self-ballasted lamps for general lighting service, LED controller, LED (light-emitting diode) lights, fixed luminaires, portable luminaires, etc

Telecommunication terminal equipment

Modems, mobile user terminals (GSM, CDMA digital cellular mobile station), fixed telephone terminal, cordless telephone terminal

Work Requriment 

First, highlight key points.

Second, highly efficient supervision.

Third, risk prevention.

Fourth, timely communication.

More details please refer to:



CTI Suggestion 

Enterprises need to focus on the product category and the high-risk level products including in the directory.

Quality supervision department of  government will launch spot check for product quality. Once found quality problems in the inspection, they will dispose the related enterprises in accordance with the relevant provisions. CTI suggests manufacturers putting products into Chinese market, should control products quality refer to relevant national requirements and pay attention to relevant spot check.