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The requirment of SCCPs in POPs

2015-11-18 170

European Commission published Regulation (EU) 2015/2030 to amend the entry for SCCPs in Annex I of 850/2004/EC on November 14,2015. This Regulation shall enter into force on the twentieth day following that of its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. Since then articles contain SCCPs in concentrations lower than 0,15 % by weight are allowed to be placed on the market and used. MCCPs and LCCPs are identified as alternatives which could be used instead of SCCPs, and MCCPs appearing to be the alternative of choice for the vast majority of users. SCCPs may be present as an impurity in an article produced with MCCPs.


 Requirements of Regulations

The entry for SCCPs in POPs:

Before the revised

1.Substances and mixtures shall not contain SCCPs exceeding 1 wt%;

2.SCCPs is prohibited in articles from Jan 11,2013.

3.Exemption:fire retardants in rubber used in conveyor belts in the mining industry; fire retardants in dam sealants.

After the revised

1.Substances and mixtures shall not contain SCCPs exceeding 1 wt%;

2.Articles shall not contain SCCPs exceeding 0.15 wt%;

3.Exemption:conveyor belts in the mining industry and dam sealants containing SCCPs already in use before or on December 4,2015.

Restriction requirent in REACH regulation:


Control List


REACH regulation

(EC) No 1907/2006

SVHC candidate list

Provide substance information if SCCPs is present in articles above 0.1 wt%; notify ECHA if SCCPs is present in articles in quantities totaling over one tonne per producer or exporter per year, and SCCPs is present in those articles above 0.1 wt%.

Introduction of SCCPs

Short chain chlorinated paraffins, short name SCCPs, CAS number: 85535-84-8.SCCPs can be used as a plasticizer in rubber, paints, adhesives, flame retardants for plastics including vinyl flooring, carpet backing and wire and cable coating. SCCPs also may be used in the leather industry, the textile industry and as an additive for sealing compounds.

SCCPs are classified as dangerous to the environment, due to their high toxicity to aquatic organisms. They are persistent agents, bioaccumulative substances and enzymatic disrupters. Excessive exposure to SCCPs may affect the kidney, liver and thyroid gland, and may cause cancer.



CTI Suggestion

Some EU customers have asked suppliers to provide SCCPs test result. Enterprises are advised to improve the production process and monitor the critical process to meet the requirements of EU regulations. Companies are also advised to conduct supply chain survey and choose qualified materials to avoid the recalled of export commodities due to the SCCPs issue.


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