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CTI established the first database of China OB tea origin

2015-05-26 246

In 2015,CTI collaborated with Taiwan family GuNanwu,applying the stable isotope origin detection technology to China OB(Oriental Beauty) tea for the first time.Therefore,the first database of China OB tea origin of Taiwan Hsinchu Beipu and Emei has been esatablished.

China OB tea,with the official name Pekoe Oolong,is the specialty of Taiwan Beipu and Emei Hakka village.The tea has the natural scents of flower,fruit and honey.It grows in the hills of low altitude.

During the 1970s,China OB tea was quite popular in Taiwan.However,with the acceleration of industrialization and urbanization,the tea and its traditional process declined gradually.In 2000,some people in Beipu realized the crisis and decided to revive the tea and its process.Family Gu reopened Baoji tea shop to promote the tea process and tea ceremony.

Actually,the real OB tea is rare in recent years,most sold in markets was not authentic,and some was even added with artificial scents.

In the spring of 2015,CTI was commissioned by Family Gu to identify the OB tea .The sampling and testing work was finished in the mid-May.The data was analyzed through stable isotope origin detection technology,and a distribution map of stable isotopes covering carbon,nitrogeon,hydrogen and oxygen was finally developed.That is the ID of the tea.

The points inside the blue oval zone are the stable isotopes analyzing data of Baoji 2015 OB tea,which stand for the authentic OB tea of Beipu and Emei(no application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides).The points outside are compared samples produced nearby.

About stable isotope

Stable isotope refers to the same element isotope atomic without radioactive effects.Each compound's stable isotope ratio is related to the genetic and physiological characteristics,growth environment and deriving nutrients.Substances of different types,places and growth environments have their own isotope ratios,known as isotope signal or fingerprint of nature.In the testing of stable isotope,comparing the testing sample to the approved standard sample's stable isotope ratio,we can detect the authenticity.

About CTI Stable Isotope & Biological Engineering Lab

In April 2014,CTI and Food Forensics lauched the cooperation of tesing in food and beverage,using the stable isotope analyzing results to identify the food origin and adulterations.Food Forensics has assisted CTI to establish the Stable Isotope & Biological Engineering Lab.Both sides will share the food isotope mapping database to provide the most reliable and convenient authenticity and adulteration identification services globally.