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Center Testing International (CTI) in Collaboration with MET

2011-07-05 115

Center Testing International is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with MET Laboratories.The agreement allows for a close co-operation supporting telecom manufacturers in China to get local NEBS testing covering Telcordia standards GR-63 & GR 1089. With many telecom manufacturers setting up R&D and manufacturing facilities in China, this would provide NEBS testing closer to these facilities. CTI and MET will work closely in the next several weeks to prepare the testing facilities and commence testing services by end of Q2.


Partnering with MET Laboratories, a leader in electrical product safety for more than 50 years, will expand the scope of CTI’s electrical testing and certification services. Key industry sectors benefiting from this partnership include major telecom and wireless infrastructure equipment manufacturers. This partnership will provide Chinese manufacturers a cost and time effective way to access the North American telecom market.


ABOUT Center Testing International (CTI):Centre Testing International Corporation is China’s leading product testing, inspection, certification, and consulting firm. Providing comprehensive services for virtually all consumer products, CTI ensures quality and enables companies to sell their products to markets worldwide.CTI, a publicly traded company on the Chinese Stock Exchange, performs product testing on industries not limited to: electrical and electronic products, toys, footwear, textiles, leather, automobiles, food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.


CTI is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, possesses over 30 branches in mainland China alone. Moreover, CTI possesses branches in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Germany and North America to respond to the needs of a global economy.


ABOUT MET LABORATORIES: As the U.S.’s first OSHA-licensed Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, MET Laboratories is an internationally-recognized resource for regulatory certification of electrical products for the worldwide marketplace. Testing covers a wide range of regulatory, commercial and military standards.  MET provides testing services required for specific certifications needed to establish product safetyelectromagnetic compatibilityenvironmental hardinesstelecommeteringfiber opticwirelessand RFIDcompliance. MET is also approved under the Verizon ITL program for NEBS testing.


MET Laboratories is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, with office locations in Union City and Santa Clara, California, Austin, Texas, Cary, North Carolina, and wholly-owned international locations in Shenzhen, China, Taipei, Taiwan and Seoul, Korea.


For more information about MET Laboratories, please visitwww.METLabs.com.

For more information about CTI Laboratories, please visitwww.cti-cert.com