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CTI Announces it has been approved for the Certification Body status for the TSCP

2010-03-27 262

On March 10, 2010 ANSI- American National Standards Institute announced  that the ANSI committee overseeing the Certified Body program approved CTI - Centre Testing International for participation in the Toy Industry Association’s - Toy Safety Certification Program(TSCP) as a Certified Body.

The Toy Industry Association’s (TIA), Toy Safety Certification Program (TSCP) was implemented to address toy safety concerns and to improve toy safety, in an effort to enhance consumer  confidence in toy products as well as comply with new  federal legislation mandating that toys be tested by a qualified lab and certifying that product’s  meet a rigorous set of  national safety standards and regulations, along with retailer requirements.

Mr. Paul Nie (CTI’S Vice President for the Toys & Hardlines Division) state; “ this is a fantastic achievement for CTI, being the very first Chinese independent, third party quality assurance provider in China to receive this status. Receiving the Certified body status for the TSCP, 

illustrates CTI’s obligation to the North American market, as this brings CTI on a level playing field with our competitors. Furthermore, CTI’s achievement in obtaining Certification Body status in the TSCP program once again illustrates our  commitment that “We Assure Your Excellence”.

CTI (Centre Testing International)  is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. CTI is a comprehensive, technically diverse, nation wide independent third-party quality assurance organization that provides testing, product inspections, factory audits and certification services.

CTI’s Quality Assurance structure ensures that all activities and functions are directed toward effectively and efficiently satisfying the requirements of our clients, while assuring that all activities are planned and controlled within the framework of the divisional and corporate quality systems. Several of our qualifications are: CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) certification, CMA (China Metrology Accreditation Board), (UKAS) United Kingdom Accreditation Service, CPSIA, (TSCP) Toy Safety Certification Program, etc. CTI are also members of AATCC, AAFA, TIA, ASTRA, ASTM, ANSI, CTA, etc.

Fundamental to the CTI’s business is the strong to the continuous improvement of all our operations throughout China. CTI has over 1450 technical professionals, nine (9) laboratory locations, thirty five (35) Inspection and Audit locations serving the major production areas in China.

CTI provides quality assurance services covering consumer hardline products, textile / apparel, toys, leather & footwear, electrical and electronics products. Additional services also provided are;  protocol & specification services, security analysis, materials analysis, chemical (RoHS, RSL, etc), environment security, measurement calibration, automotive products, comparison evaluations, sustainability and efficiency programs, etc. 

(Centre Testing International) has the expertise, technical and professional knowledge, combined with superior customer services to help you resolve problems and provide solutions to assist you in reaching the next level of quality excellence. 

When sourcing in China - your first call for quality assurance services should be CTI (Centre Testing International)

For more information regarding CTI services please visit us at: www.cti-cert.com or contact Herb Hewitt - Senior Director, North America at 1-860-217-1470 via email; Herb.Hewitt@cti-cert.com