Our service

Centre Testing International Co., Ltd. (CTI) is the pioneer and leader in the TIC Industry which provides one-stop solutions on testing, inspection, certification, calibration, audit, training & technical services.


By Industry

Our service capabilties cover the upstream and downstream of the supply chain including textile and apparel,toys,electronic appliances,medical health,food...andother industries.


Comprehensively guarantee quality and safety, promote compliance and innovation, demonstrate brand competitiveness, and achieve higher quality, healthier, safer, and greener sustainable development.


Corporate governance is key to a modern company operation system, as effective corporate governance inspires the creativity of enterprises, and promotes them to be healthier, more stable and more sustainable, and create greater value for the society.

Internal Control

At CTI, a sound internal control mechanism has been established in accordance with the Basic Norms of Enterprise Internal Control. The management is responsible for establishing and perfecting our internal control system, performing risk assessments and internal monitoring; and each function or business unit builds internal control regulations and procedures for itself, reducing internal control risks with effective control measures, supervision and inspection. With the assistance of external and internal auditors, the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee monitor and evaluate internal control procedures and regulations.


We are concerned about the rising call for sustainability all over the world. As a leading third-party TIC company in China, we acknowledge the importance and urgency of improving sustainability capabilities, since we are aware of our own shortcomings in this part.

Business Ethics

We have developed the Code of Business Conduct, which has explicitly defined the framework of professional ethics and laws that employees shall comply with in business activities. The document covers the basic principles and norms applicable to the behaviors inside the Group as well as those related to external partners and the public. The Code of Business Conduct, together with applicable policies and training resources, is made available in our internal system, and serves as an important part of the employee training on business ethics and compliance.