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Care for Experimental Animals

Release times:2022-04-25 Watching times:553

In 2021, our performance:

  • Animal welfare training coverage was 100%;
  • 0 incidents of violation of animal welfare requirements;
  • Obtained the record certificate of Suzhou Municipal Health Commission Biosafety Laboratory;
  • Won the vice chairman unit of Suzhou Laboratory Animal Association.


1. Standardize the Use of Animals

We have clear operating procedures and ensure that all staff working with laboratory animals receive extensive training - new staff will receive animal welfare training on induction of proper management and care.

2. Caring of Animal Welfare

To improve the quality of life and welfare of laboratory animals, we provide them with comfortable housing, adequate recreational time, necessary social activities, health monitoring and care. We have also established the following procedures to ensure the welfare and quality of life of laboratory animals.

- According to the habits and preferences of experimental animals, different environmental enrichment measures and provision of food, auditory welfare and social activities are set up;

- All non-human primate laboratory animals must be housed in pairs or in suitable populations except for animals that do not require co-housing1 as specified by the test director, researcher, veterinarian, or the experimental protocol, and can only be housed in single cages;

- Health monitoring and care of laboratory animals, we provide rehydration2 and using the most appropriate analgesics according to their physical conditions;

-Provide professional pre-surgery and post-surgery care for experimental animals.

3. Supervise Animal Management and Use

We have established an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) composed of veterinarians, experts with extensive animal testing experience, non-animal testing participants of the Group and public representatives to oversee animal management and use. IACUC inspects experimental animal facilities and animal feeding every six months. They supervise the implementation of animal welfare in the process of feeding and using experimental animals. They also review various animal test plans to be carried out and the corresponding animal management and use approval records. After IACUC finds a violation of animal welfare requirements, it will take assessments, necessary investigations, or transfer to relevant departments to make final conclusions and handling methods, including verbal warnings, written warnings, follow-up inspections. It will temporary or permanent terminate relevant personnel and reporting personnel's qualifications.