Irregularities Report 

In order to regulate the professional conduct of all employees,CTI internal audit department,commissioned by the audit committee of board,is responsible for accepting real-name or anonymous reports from any employee and stakeholder(e.g,customers,suppliers and coopertating agencies).

The complaints and reports include the following behaviors that employees in CTI Group,branches.subsidiaries and offices has done.

a)Accepting bribes or kickback

b)Illegally using the company assets,embezzling,misappropriating or stealing company assets

c)Transfering the profitable transactions from the company to others

d)Intentionally concealing or misstating transactions,making information disclosure contain false records, misleading statements or material omissions

e)Forging or altering accounting records or vouchers,providing false financial reports

f)Leaking company’s business or technical secrets

g)Other malpractice behaviors that damage company’s economic interests or Seek improper economic interests

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Service Complain 

In order to provide higher-quality service for the customers, CTI always takes the customers' feelings as the basis of improving.

If you have any complaint during the co-operation with CTI, please contact us through the following ways, we will try our best to solve your problem.