As China's largest third-party testing and certification bodies, CTI based on ISO / IEC 17025 established laboratory management system, establish inspection agency management system according to ISO / IEC 17020. With China's conformity assessment Accreditation Committee CNAs recognition and certification CMA qualification, made CQC China Quality Certification Center authorized, and UKAS UKAS, U. S. consumer product Safety Commission CPSC, Singapore spring and so on many international certification body accreditation, inspection report with international credibility.
Participate in the development of standards
At the same time, CTI and actively carry out new projects of research, new standard drafting, in both at home and abroad and the standard setting, has become China's electronic information product standardization work group members, the national development and Reform Commission will auto recycling use and environmentally friendly materials working group members, and constantly strengthen the close cooperation with ANSI, ECHA, sac and other international agencies, as the representative of China to participate in the IEC/TC111/WG3 work conference and so on, for industry standards of China's development and promotion has made positive contribution.
China electronic information products standardization working group member
- to participate in the drafting of the product resolution and testing standards, key management directory;
Shenzhen city "electronic information products harmful substances public inspection platform"
- be included in the national torch plan for the 2007 year
Member of the working group on the national development and Reform Commission for the recycling of Automotive Recycling and environmental protection materials
- China automobile material database.
The member of the standard system for the concentration limits and measurement of air pollutants in the vehicle
- to participate in the formulation of the standards for the concentration limits and measurement of air pollutants within the vehicle
  • "The quality inspection method for cakes" national standard drafting unit
  • "ShaQima" -- in the "jam", recommended national standard validation work
  • Member of the working group on China toy Standards Amendment
  • Member of the technical panel of the China Toy Association