2016-05-03 10:13:17

CTI issued the first certificate of watch identification

CTI Luxury Testing(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd,the member of CTI group,issued the first certificate of watch identification on April 29,2016.The service is another great breakthrough in the field of luxury testing after jewelry identification service lauched in March this year.

As the trade of second-hand watches thrives,high imitation watches begin to flood the market,which are quite hard for consumers to identify.CTI watch identification center can provide scientific identification services for second-hand watches,and help consumers judge the authenticity of brands.Besides,CTI can offer professional repair and maintenance services for world famous watches.

Duan Xiaotong,general manager of CTI Luxury Testing(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd,said CTI watch identification center was not only equipped with international top testing devices,but also relied on the testing equipment and technology of CTI jewelry lab,which could ensure the whole identification process scientific,precise,impartial and objective."We strictly follow the 54 rules,10 parts and 52 indexes to ensure the accuracy of the identification conclusion."said Duan.

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