2016-03-07 15:03:10

CTI enters the field of jewelry testing

CTI Luxury Testing(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd,the member of CTI group,has received the CMA(China Metrology Accreditation) certificate from Guangdong Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision recently,which marks CTI enters the field of jewelry testing formally.

Duan Xiaotong,general manager of CTI Luxury Testing(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd,said the company was committed to providing testing,inspection and evaluation services for high-end consumer products and art collection.Equipped with a full set of top testing devices and experienced experts,CTI jewelry lab is aimed to offer personalized services for high-end jewelry and original design."We hope our innovation services could bring a different value experience for customers."said Duan.

CTI Luxury Testing(Shenzhen)Co.,Ltd now can provide the following services,gems identification,diamand grading,jade grading,pearl grading and precious metal testing.The company will launch identification services for second-hand watches and art collection soon.

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